Clementine Morrigan x Nekkid

Clementine Morrigan on The Nekkid Podcast 

In this episode of the podcast, we talk with author and teacher, Clementine Morrigan. We discuss her journey with trauma management, polyamory, kink/BSDM and anarchy. This is a kinky and refreshing chat with a brilliant individual. I hope you find yourself a little freer after this episode. 



In This Episode:

  • Being defined by trauma
  • Agency over trauma recovery
  • The need for human connection
  • Clementines journey to polyamory
  • Polyamory vs. Non-Monogamy
  • Born like this vs choice
  • Polyamory is Ninja Training
  • Create space for your ideal relationship style
  • Trauma-informed polyamory
  • Attachment Styles
  • Polyvagal Theory
  • A foray into conversation about Kink
  • The power in submission
  • Anarchism as a spiritual value
  • Abolitionism + Care
  • Stop and watch the bees


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