Nekkid x EbonyJanice Moore

On this episode of the podcast we chat with Womanist scholar, author, and activist, EbonyJanice Moore. We talk about her thoughts on decolonizing intellect and authority, the need for all of us to be reckoning with our ancestors and her work with pleasure and dreaming. We hope you find yourself a little freer after bathing in the brilliance that is EbonyJanice Moore. 


In This Episode:

  • The hierarchy of eldership
  • EbonyJanice's Live on The Audacity of Rightness in the Face of Whiteness
  • Being accountable for how you perpetuate oppressive systems
  • How white supremacy devalues US ALL
  • Decolonizing intellect and authority
  • A practice for imposter syndrome
  • The credibility of ancestral knowledge
  • Black & White revolutionary relationships
  • Black freedom is not bound in the freedom of white people
  • White ancestral work
  • Dreaming ourselves free
  • The burden of White Supremacy on Black Women
  • EbonyJanice is dreaming of love
  • TheStrongBlackWoman
  • EbonyJanice's meditation teacher - Chrissy Jones (@cheatcodechrissy)
  • Spoil Black women
  • "The only grace you can have is the grace you can imagine." - Baby Sug, Toni Morrison
  • Healing ourself with visualization
  • Friends who invest in you being a "bad bitch chakra's aligned"




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