Eric Houppert x Nekkid

In this episode of the podcast, we chat with Deep Root Farm owner, Eric Houppert. We discuss our love affair with the dirt, the importance of local food, and human complicity. I hope this episode motivates you to start eating from the soil under your feet. 



In This Episode:

  • Eric's History with Food + Place
  • Romanticism in the "Back to the land" movement
  • Building sustainable economies and food infrastructure
  • Moving from shame to connection
  • No tilling practices
  • A case for eating local
  • Food justice + land access
  • Proximity and accountability
  • Building connection through hunting
  • Dealing with death and our complicitency with it
  • You will find God in the soil
  • Experiencing the Earth's magic


  • Wendell Berry
  • Thea Monyee
  • That Wild Country by Mark Kenyon
  • Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Where to find Eric Houppert: 

Instagram: @deeprootfarm

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