Nekkid x Alisa Vitti

On this episode of the podcast, we chat with functional nutritionist, women’s hormone expert and best selling author, Alisa Vitti. We talk about our miseducation on our bodies, the Infradian rhythm that every person with female hormones should know about, and SEX, more specifically my personal orgasm. I hope this episode jumpstarts you on a deep journey to loving your hormones. 


In This Episode:

  • A poor baseline of health
  • "The Curse"
  • Washing away the period mythology
  • Starting the period club
  • Alisa's journey with PCOS
  • How can nonbinary and trans folk sync with their cycles?
  • The lack of representation in medical research
  • We are operating in a blindspot.
  • Understanding the circadian rhythm
  • Men have been aligning with their hormonal rhythm forever
  • The second body clock
  • The way out is in!
  • Organizing your diet and lifestyle around your second clock.
  • Cycle sync as a radical act
  • You need to take up space
  • Honoring the Infradian rhythm at work
  • Energy management
  • Stress management
  • Healing your adrenals
  • We talk about SEX! Specifically my orgasm. You are welcome.
  • The gift between your labia
  • The power of the orgasm
  • Pornographic conditioning
  • How to masturbate
  • Breathing to healing sexual trauma
  • Using Lube
  • Our menopausal years
  • You can change your hormonal destiny


Where to find Alisa Vitti: 

Personal Instagram: @alisa.vitti
Business Instagram: @floliving

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