Nekkid x Daniel Vitalis

On this episode of the podcast, we chat with hunter/gatherer and rewilding lifestyle pioneer, Daniel Vitalis. We talk about the effects of domestication on the human, how to combat loneliness by meeting your plant neighbors, and race in the hunting world. We hope you find yourself venturing outdoors after this wild talk with Daniel Vitalis. 



In This Episode:

  • Daniel's origin story
  • The human species
  • The consequences of domestication
  • Humans are narcissists
  • Daniel's journey with veganism
  • How to reconcile eating meat?
  • The fear of our animal nature
  • Eating bugs
  • Living in isolation
  • Meeting your neighbors
  • Skin color adaptations
  • My reasons for getting into hunting
  • The racial divide in hunting
  • You own land!
  • Hunting isn't a white person thing
  • Second amendment rights
  • Your government no longer works for you, you work for your government
  • Tips for adult-onset hunters
  • Our nature deficiency




Where to find Daniel Vitalis: 

Instagram: @danielvitalis


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