Nekkid X Olivia Talbott

Olivia Talbott

In this episode of the podcast, we talk with radical astrologer, Appalachian witch, writer, and white anti-racist activist, Olivia Talbott. We discuss Olivia's approach to astrology, astrology basics and what the stars say about the current state of the world. I hope you have as much fun listening to this episode as we did recording it. 


In This Episode:

  • Who is Olivia?
  • Olivia's approach to astrology
  • Christianity and Astrology
  • Olivia's Learning Path
  • What is a birth chart?
  • Sun, Moon & Ascendant Signs
  • The Houses & Sign Profiles
  • Global Astrology
  • Abolition and the Age of Aquarius


  • Britain Astrology 
  • Debra Silverman astrology program
  • Rebecca Gordon
  • Jessica Lanyadoo
  • Carol Writer Group
  • NCGR - National Council for Geocosmic Research
  • Gaia Nelson
  • Fresh Voices in Astrology
  • Eliza Kelley

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